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Home automation features can be added to our alarm systems. Having the ability to manage door locks and lights, check security cameras, adjust the temperature in your home and more, all in one location, is a great way to make life a little easier. 


Our home automation solutions give you the ability to do it all.  Forgot to turn the lights off?  Turn them off through a convenient app no matter where you are.  Not sure you locked the door?  No problem, you can check that too!  

More ways our home automation works for you:

  • Turn lights on and off manually or automatically through convenient scheduling.  Perfect for going on vacations, controlling Christmas lights, turning lights on before you get home from work and more.

  • Check door lock status and lock/unlock manually or automatically through scheduling. Great for kids coming home from school, letting the housekeeper in, automatically locking doors at night, automatically unlocking for fire alarms and more.

  • Adjust thermostat manually and set a convenient schedule.  Gives you the ability to monitor home temperatures while away, save energy, save money and ensure your home has the perfect temperature day and night.

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